Writing a short story is an opportunity to create/discover a universe of your own. In this full-day workshop, Julian Mortimer Smith will explore theoretical and practical approaches to writing science fiction. The workshop will introduce techniques for developing and clarifying your ideas, using character and plot as portals into your universe, and convincing readers to suspend their disbelief as they join you on your journey. It will also include advice on publishing your stories in magazines, anthologies, and other venues. The workshop is designed to be useful to writers of all levels of experience. Beginners and newcomers to the genre are welcome.  


Julian Mortimer Smith is an award-winning writer of speculative fiction and an Active Member of the SFWA. He has published more than a dozen short stories in some of the world’s leading science fiction and fantasy venues, including Asimov’s, Terraform, Lightspeed, and Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. He is also an experienced editor who has done freelance work for several major tabletop game companies. You can find out more at http://julianmortimersmith.com/

Western Counties Regional Library 405 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS
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Saturday, March 2, 2019 - 10:00am to 3:45pm