Did your writing earn you income in 2018? Did it cost you money to write? Are you wondering whether you should (or are required to) register for HST? If so, this workshop is for you. Learn the basic reporting requirements for self-employed artists, get tips on how to account for your writing practice, and walk away with an in-depth understanding of HST, including when and how to register.

Artists often earn income through grants, commissions, honorariums, royalties and performance contracts. Some years are more lucrative than others, though not all income is taxable. Expenses, too, can vary from year to year making it difficult to budget for tax and even harder to build a self-employment income average. In this half day workshop, book writer and bookkeeper Michelle Elrick will walk you through the tax cycle, highlighting the income and expense items that will become part of your 2018 tax return. Participants will learn how to prepare a Statement of Business Activities, and will be given guidance on how to collect and submit their accounting package if working with an accountant.

Note: Specific questions regarding your unique employment situation will be welcomed in advance by email and addressed during the workshop. Please send your questions to programs@writers.ns.ca by March 5.   


Michelle Elrick is an award-winning writer and the author of two books of poetry, including then/again (Nightwood, 2017). She also writes and directs poetry films and performs as part of the poetry/music duo River of Diamonds. To fill the income gaps in her artistic career, Michelle runs a small bookkeeping firm called Islet Small Business Solutions, where she specializes in accounting for start-ups and arts industry professionals. www.michelleelrick.com / www.isletsolutions.com

Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia, 1113 Marginal Road, Halifax
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Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm