Writing non-fiction is growing in popularity. But where oh where are the markets? Perhaps you have a memory you want to celebrate; someone you want to honour; an idea for an essay that’s stewing in your belly; or a travelogue that’s oozing from your pores. You may even want to profile someone you find fascinating. What are the steps involved that can lead you to a market, and where are those publications—especially the ones that pay? 

This workshop will take participants on a non-fiction “tour of possibilities” in the writing world. 

Sandra Phinney has written for over 70 publications (print and online) and penned four books. She’s currently smitten with the word “essay” and is diving into that realm. She loves sharing tips, how-to’s and market knowledge. She’ll also share her vast database with participants.


Sandra Phinney is an award-winning writer whose byline has appeared in over 70 publications. She’s also penned four books. Her latest, Waking Up In My Own Backyard, a travel memoir with Pottersfield Press, is a huge success. As well, Sandra has given workshops throughout the Maritimes and Ontario on various writing topics. In her spare time, she teaches Tai Chi and paddles in the wilderness. She lives off the grid with her husband, Barrie MacGregor, on the Tusket River, in Southwest NS. Sandra is a member of TWUC, TMAC, WFNS, WFNB and CMG.

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Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, 22 Collins St., Yarmouth
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Saturday, April 25, 2020 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm