This summer, we're partnering with NSCAD University's School of Extended Studies to offer two creative writing camps, one for youth ages 11 to 13, the other for teens ages 14+.

The first class, offered July 15 to July 19 for youth ages 11 to 13, will explore the written word using creative approaches, such as visual writing prompts, to discover and explore character development, build description through observation, expand the use of figurative language, and promote journal writing. Participants will delve into different genres and styles of writing, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, picture books, and graphic novels. Camps will feature visits by professionally published authors who are valued participants in the WFNS Writers in the Schools program, and have in-depth experience working with tweens and teens. Classes will be a mixture of classroom activities and outdoors adventures to promote physical activity and imaginative play.

On Monday, July 15, ALICE WALSH will challenge you to throw your amazing character into a swamp with alligators, show her struggling to survive, then have her escape just as she’s about to be eaten.

On Tuesday, July 16 in WADE WHITE’s science fiction and fantasy workshop, you’ll learn to build amazing and detailed worlds in which to set your stories and create weird and wonderful characters to fill those worlds.

On Wednesday, July 17 poet DEIRDRE DWYER will get you to play with figurative language and sensory descriptions. You’ll discuss poetics and wow moments. 

On Thursday, July 18, PHIL MOSCOVITCH will introduce you to how great non-fiction writing uses a lot of the same elements as fiction, except you do not make stuff up! In his session, you will tell non-fiction stories by exploring objects and the environment using all five senses. (Well, at least four—maybe not taste).

On Friday, July 19, JAN COATES will rev up your imagination so that you can use your words to breathe life into characters—creating people readers want to know.

Registration is through NSCAD's School of Extended Studies

NSCAD University Port Campus Room 208 1107 Marginal Road, Halifax
Monday, July 15, 2019 - 9:00am to Friday, July 19, 2019 - 4:15pm