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Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA)
APMA is a member-based “industry-support organization representing book publishers located in Atlantic Canada” with the aim of “growing and maintaining a strong Canadian-owned book publishing industry in Atlantic Canada.” Voting membership is open to publishers based in the Atlantic region and at least 80% owned by Canadian citizens or residents.

Editors Nova Scotia
Created in 2011, Editors Nova Scotia is a provincial "twig" of Editors Canada, a not-for-profit member-based organization that fosters editors' professional development, networking, and collaboration and "promotes and maintains high standards of editing through certification and reference publications." Membership is open to editors at all career stages, whether salaried/in-house or freelance.

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre (PARC)
Founded in 1991, PARC is a member-based organization that offers support for pre-production script development and “programs in play development, playwright development, and play and playwright promotion.” Membership is open playwrights and dramaturges at all career stages, producing theatre companies in the Atlantic region (and those “interested in Atlantic Canadian plays”), and “theatre lovers and supporters.”

Prince Edward Island Writers’ Guild (PEIWG)
Founded in 1989, PEIWG is a not-for-profit member-based organization that seeks “to unify literary programs such as writing workshops and readings, to create a formal intersection for discussion and action, and to speak periodically as one voice for the Island’s literary community.” Membership is open to writers at all career stages and “‘non-writers’ in the community.”

Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador (WANL)
Founded in 1987, WANL is not-for-profit member-based organization that supports the province’s writers, fosters their public recognition, advocates for their well-being, and “promotes the enhancement of the literary arts in the province and beyond.” Membership is open to writers at all career stages.

Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB)
WFNB is a member-based organization whose mandate is to “help New Brunswick writers to write” and “acquire the professional skills to achieve financial self-sufficiency as writers” as well as to “raise public awareness of literary culture by showcasing works of New Brunswick and other writers.” Membership is open to writers at all career stages.

Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS)
Founded in 1976, WFNS not-for-profit member-based organization that fosters creative writing and the profession of writing in the Province of Nova Scotia; provides advice and assistance to writers at all stages of their careers; encourages greater public recognition of writers and their achievements; and enhances the literary arts in our regional and national culture. Membership is open writers at all career stages, with special membership in the WFNS Writers’ Council available to professional writers. 

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