The Writing Relay is an annual WFNS fundraising event for which Nova Scotia authors create a shared short story through a public writing marathon.

Upcoming Event: Writing Rumble!

On February 25, 2020, two teams of 6 Nova Scotia writers will compete to “chain-write” two short stories, each up to 400 words before passing the keyboard. Events will be held at Propeller Brewing Co. (2015 Gottingen Street, Halifax). Spectators and supporters are welcome all during the afternoon writing marathons (running from 12pm to 6pm). The competing stories will be read for the public at 7pm.

The Exclamation Pints! (Team A)

Click above to support a member of the Exclamation Pints! Roster: Lorri Neilsen Glenn (12pm - 1pm) — Rebecca Babcock (1pm - 2pm) — Jenni Blackmore (2pm - 3pm) — Lexi Harrington (3pm - 4pm) — Joanne Gallant (4pm - 5pm) — Whitney Moran (5pm - 6pm)


The Dirty Punchuators (Team B)

Click above to support a member of the Dirty Punchuators. Roster: Bill Turpin (12pm - 1pm) — Sarah Sawler (1pm - 2pm) — Anna Quon (2pm - 3pm) — David Huebert (3pm - 4pm) — Stephanie Domet (4pm - 5pm) — Ian Colford (5pm - 6pm)


Past Events

12 in 12 Writing Relay

On February 19, 2019, the following twelve authors wrote in 1-hour shifts from 8am to 8pm, with each author producing about 200 words before passing the keyboard:

  • Chris Benjamin (8am - 9am)
  • Sean Bedell (9am - 10am)
  • Stephen Kimber (10am - 11am)
  • Lesley Crewe (11am - 12pm)
  • Sarah Mian (12pm - 1pm)
  • Carol Bruneau (1pm - 2pm)
  • Kate Inglis (2pm - 3pm)
  • Alison DeLory (3pm - 4pm)
  • James Leck (4pm - 5pm)
  • Janet Barkhouse (5pm - 6pm)
  • Cooper Lee Bombardier (6pm - 7pm)
  • Jon Tattrie (7pm - 8pm)

In the weeks leading up to the event, authors sought sponsorships for their participation. All sponsors earned a chance to win a prize pack of books by Nova Scotia writers, with additional rewards unlocked at the $15 level (a digital copy of the final story), the $50 level (a chance to have a character in the story named after you), and the $75 level (a printed copy of the story signed by one of its authors).

At the end of the writing marathon, author Pauline Dakin hosted an unveiling of the shared story, during which each author read the section they had written. Held in The Wardroom at the University of King's College, both the public writing marathon and the story reading were free to attend.