∙ Budge Wilson Short Fiction Prize: Susan Drain, "In the Dugout" | Shortlist: KR Byggdin, Brad Donaldson, Brendan Dunbar, Breton Hannam, Nigel Herritt, Sarah Pittoello
∙ Rita Joe Poetry Prize: Rosalie Osmond, Variations in Time | Shortlist: Rachel Edmonds, Mary Verna Feehan, Cheri Wilson
∙ H.R. (Bill) Percy Short Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Ariel Watson, "Beasts of Myth" | Honourable mention: Julie Strong's "I had to steal them" | Shortlist: Barbara Cullen, Mary Dodd, Joanne Light, Cynthia Manley, Joe Muething
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Karen Kelloway, Keeper of the Pact | Shortlist: Jill Martin, Anne Odell

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Mary Verna Feehan, "Two Crow Joy" | Shortlist: Cate Carlyle, Susan LeBlanc
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Susan Walsh, Where the Lampreys Meet | Shortlist: Dorothy Redfurn, Nancy Waldman
∙ Poetry Prize: J Lorraine Campbell, All Consuming | Shortlist: John Saklofske, Courtney Siebring
∙ Short Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Margaret MacQuarrie, "How Was the Party?" | Shortlist: Barbara Cullen, Jennifer Faulkner, Julie Strong
∙ Long Form Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Muriel Zimmer, I Need You to be Strong | Shortlist: Laura Churchill Duke, Mark Haynes, Grey Murphy

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Amanda Peters, "Crows" | Honourable mention: Adam Fiske's "City of Goodbyes" | Shortlist: Francene Gillis, Cheri Wilson
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Brenda MacLennan-Dunphy, Never Speak of this Again | Shortlist: Carol Moreira, Angela Ripley
∙ Poetry Prize: Jana Traff, In the White of Grief | Shortlist: Joyce Caines, Ryan Eavis, Bethany Lake, Cheri Wilson
∙ Short Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Melissa Friedman, "Gastown to Grey" | Shortlist: Thomas Harris, Jen Schwetje
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Laureen Van Lierop, Beach Meadow Friends | Shortlist: John Graham-Poole, John Ure 

The predecessor to Nova Writes was the Atlantic Writing Competition (AWC), which was established in 1975 under the auspices of the Nova Scotia Branch of the Canadian Authors' Association and was administered by the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia from 1976 to 2016. By 2016, the 39th year of the AWC, emerging writers throughout Atlantic Canada could submit work in six categories: short story, novel, poetry, creative non-fiction, writing for children, and young adult novel. Two other categories came and went over the last dozen years of the competition: unproduced play and magazine article/essay. All entrants received written comments on their manuscripts. Manuscripts were evaluated for their originality, creativity, and quality of writing, as well as literary technique, structure, and plot.

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Sue Murtagh, "Resort Life" | Shortlist: Ethel Belliveau, Amanda Peters, Claire Shiplett, Susie Taylor
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Anne Bishop, Blessed are the Poor | Shortlist: Andrea Doukas, Liz Graham
∙ Poetry Prize: Abena Amoako-Tuffour, The Art of Living | Shortlist: Emily Crompton, Carol Moreira, Shane Mountain, Lucas Wentzell
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Linda McLean, Dreaming Margaret Atwood | Shortlist: Benjamin Dugdale, Dvora Trachtenberg
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Mary Pike, The Secret Spirits of Edgar Snow | Shortlist: Deb MacNeil, Shawna Morrissey
∙ Young Adult Novel Prize: Jenni Blackmore, Island of Dead Souls

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Dominic Wilcott, "Child of Somalia" | Honourable mention: Jan Moffett's "Anxiety and Austin" | Shortlist: Ethel Belliveau, Luke MacNeill, Colin van Vulpen
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Maureen St. Clair, Judith and Sola | Honourable mention: Bridget Canning's Impulse | Shortlist: Lorraine Buck, Warren Redman, Tim Reeves-Horton
∙ Poetry Prize: Wade Ells, Tricks in the Tide | Shortlist: Sheila Graham-Smith, Emily Leeson, Tela Purcell, Cheri Wilson
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Jeremy Smith, In The Kitchen | Honourable mention: Jo Shawyer's Points of View | Shortlist: Zoe D'Amato, Esther Kennedy
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Sara Jewell, Moon Tide | Shortlist: Heather Jenkins, Judy MacLean
∙ Young Adult Novel Prize: Nicole Fraser, Through the Door | Shortlist: Mary Dodd, Charlotte Mendel

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Brittany Kraus, “Murmurs” | Honourable mention: Jan Moffett's "Anxiety and Austin" | Shortlist: Ethel Belliveau, Luke MacNeill, Colin van Vulpen
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Mary Pike, Foreign Soul | Shortlist: Ryan Blades, Dorothy Redfurn
∙ Poetry Prize: Mary Ellen Sullivan, Visits | Shortlist: Isabel Blackmore, Whitney Moran, Shelley Thompson, Shannon Webb-Campbell
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Glenna Jenkins, Digging for Bones | Honourable mention: Jo Shawyer's Points of View | Shortlist: Zoe D'Amato, Esther Kennedy
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Jim Sutherland, The House the Captain Built | Shortlist: Heather Jenkins, Judy MacLean
∙ Young Adult Novel Prize: Nayani Jensen, Minstrel’s Song | Shortlist: Mary Dodd, Charlotte Mendel

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Steven Naylor, “Joey Moulton”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Marina Harris, Enough
∙ Poetry Prize: Ryan Marshall, I Wait in the Next Room
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Gillian Osmond, Mine Said Wednesday
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Georgia S. Atkin, Secrets: A Strange Tale
∙ Young Adult Novel Prize: Lori McKay, The General Store
∙ Unproduced Play Prize: Griffin McInnes, Science Inaction: a love story

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Ruth Morris Schneider, “Concha’s Smile” | 2nd: Heidi Harding | 3rd: Sara Malton
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Sasha Dence, Falling Ice | 2nd: Sheila Graham-Smith | 3rd: Sarah Gignac
∙ Poetry Prize: Roger Field, Orientations, Syria | 2nd: Maryann Martin | 3rd: Sheila Graham-Smith
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Crystal Vaughan, Pieces | 2nd: Deirdre Dwyer | 3rd: Margaret Ommanney
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Patsy Clothier, Callista, the Amazing Honey Bee, Tells All | 2nd: Jo-Anne Hemming | 3rd: Jo Shawyer
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Richard Levangie, Secrets of the Hotel Maisoneuve | 2nd: Katrina Nicholson | 3rd: Judy Dudar
∙ Unproduced Play Prize: Rhys Bevan-John’s Pump Trolly | 2nd: Janet Godsell | 3rd: Nick Jupp

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Gillian M. Osmond’s “I Heard a Small Boy Singing: A Memoir”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Charlotte Mendel’s Turn Us Again
∙ Poetry Prize: Janet Kennedy’s November Poems
∙ Creative Non-Fiction Prize: Brian Braganza’s The Cross Road
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Lisa-Marie Brunnen’s Hiding in the Fireplace
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Kat Kruger’s The Night Has Teeth
∙ Unproduced Play Prize: David Christoffel’s Hard Rock

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Julie Strong’s “Alice’s Bonfire”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Wanda Campbell’s Hat Girl
∙ Poetry Prize: Rita Wilson’s Lost and Found
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Stephanie Reidy’s Callum’s Bed
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Susan White’s The Year Mrs. Montague Cried

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Paul Healey’s “Vanishing”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Scott Fotheringham’s The Rest is Silence
∙ Poetry Prize: James MacSwain’s Ancestors
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Joanna Butler’s Calvin’s Moose Hunt
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Dorothy Redfurn’s In Interesting Times

∙ Budge Wilson Short Story Prize: Victoria Lynn Hirtle’s “The Leather Other”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Chris Benjamin’s Living in the Dirt
∙ Poetry Prize: Veryan Haysom’s Subterranean Paths
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize & Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Brenda Tate’s Nightingales Don’t Cry

∙ Short Story Prize: Kathy Chisholm’s “Seen But Not Heard”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Scott Bartlett’s Royal Flush
∙ Poetry Prize: Nanci Lee’s Lessons
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Carolee Nichols’s Bud, The Homeless Cat
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Philip Roy’s Alfred, The Submarine Outlaw
∙ Magazine Article/Essay Prize: Veronica Butler’s “My Lemon Tree”

∙ Short Story Prize: Roanne Rondina’s “Luzviminda”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Syr Ruus’s Lovesongs of Emmanuel Taggart
∙ Poetry Prize: Jenny MacDougall’s Lesser Light
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Cyncy D’Entremont’s Granny’s Houseplant
∙ Young Adult/Juvenile Novel Prize: Jo Ann Yhard’s Chasing the Raven
∙ Magazine Article/Essay Prize: Daniel Schulman’s “An Ode to the Flying Squirrel”

∙ Short Story Prize: Vivien Shotwell’s “Methods of Rest”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Dave Cameron’s The Bottle Collector
∙ Frog Hollow Books Poetry Prize: Laura Crawford’s Alphabetology: Bold Character Put Up Strange Fonts
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Jamie Leck’s Guinness the Gobber and the Pickle Farm Fiasco
∙ Magazine Article/Essay Prize: Penny Carver’s “Move Hands Like Clouds”

∙ Short Story Prize: Erna Buffie’s “Pearl”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Terry Pratt’s Academic Questions
∙ Frog Hollow Books Poetry Prize: Walter Lee’s Is Hard When Fired
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Sue Coueslan’s Under Emmett’s Bed
∙ Magazine Article/Essay Prize: Munju Ravindra’s “Going Solo”

∙ Short Story Prize: Sheilagh Guy Murphy’s “Lost”
∙ HR (Bill) Percy Novel Prize: Steve Zipp’s Yellowknife
∙ Frog Hollow Books Poetry Prize: Jennifer Clouter’s After Viewing
∙ Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize: Joyce Grant Smith’s The Latch
∙ Magazine Article/Essay Prize: Susan Cameron’s “Joyce and Me”