• Biography

    Joyce Grant-Smith was born in Annapolis Royal and has spent most of her life in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. She took her B.A. and B.Ed. at Acadia University. She has enjoyed teaching in elementary and middle schools for many years; so many years, in fact, that she's frequently taught the children of former students. She and her husband, Les, have been married for over thirty years. They have raised two children, Jesse and Alexis, and a large menagerie of animals.

    Joyce remembers writing as a small child, composing little notes and poems for family members. Her love for writing grew as she did and she delighted in learning to hone her craft. As an adult author, she has derived special satisfaction from writing for young readers.


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    • Novels
      • The Latch. Brun Creek Books. ISBN 097353050-2. May 2004.


        Oatcakes and Courage, Quattro Books, ISBN 978 1 927 443 32 3. April 2013

    • Short Stories for Anthologies
      • "Don't Whistle up the Wind". Moving Up with Literacy Place. Series, Scholastic Canada. ISBN 978-0-7791-8404-0. June 2009.

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    • Non-fiction
      • Animal Talk ISBN 978-1-55109-778-7 Nimbus Publishing Ltd. 2010

    • First place: Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Award for The Latch - Writers' Federation of N.S. annual writing competition, March 2003


    • Third place: Writing for Children Award for Little Eagle - Writers' Federation of N.B. annual writing competition, March 2004

    • The Latch: Shortlisted for Hackmatack Award, 2006-07

    • Co-winner of Ken Klonsky contest Quattro Books - September 2012