• Biography

    Andy Verboom is editor of long con (an online magazine for art about art), publisher of Collusion Books (a micro-press dedicated to collaborative poetry), and founder of Couplets (a lit & art collaboration series).

    His poetry has won Frog Hollow’s Chapbook Contest and Descant’s Winston Collins Prize, been shortlisted for CV2's Young Buck Prize and Arc's Poem of the Year, and appeared in Prism, The Puritan, Vallum, and elsewhere.

    His is the author of sixth poetry chapbooks, most recently DBL (Knife Fork Book, 2020).

    • - DBL. (Poetry. Knife Fork Book. 2020.)
      - Floor Games. (Poetry. 845 Press. 2018.)
      - Snailfall. (Poetry & graphic novel. Co-authored by Angie Quick. Couplets x Ting Fest. 2018.)
      - Orthric Sonnets. (Poetry. Baseline Press. 2017.)
      - Full Mondegreens. (Poetry. Co-authored by David Huebert. Frog Hollow Press. 2016.)
      - Tower. (Poetry. Anstruther Press. 2016.)