• Biography


    Rita Wilson is a former elementary school teacher and author of the newly published, A Pocket of Time, a children's book about the poet, Elizabeth Bishop's childhood in Great Vilage, Nova Scotia.

    She is currently working on a collection of poetry about the importance of place in our lives, from her vantage point on the Caribou River. She has published non-fiction in Saltscapes Magazine, poetry in various publications, and is one of the founders of Writing on Fire, promoting writing experiences for teens on the North Shore. She finds pleasure in her garden, the beach, books, her children and grandchildren, and the company of friends.

    • "The Spirit of Sable Island", Saltscapes, Jan/Feb, 2010

      "The Evolution of an Island", Saltscapes, 2011

      "Bit by Bit", Antigonish Review, Summer, 2013

      "Rising Tide", Fathom, 2013

      "Geography Lessons", Northern Cardinal Review, 2014

      "Title", Arc Poetry Magazine, 2015

    • Atlantic Writing Competition, 1st Prize, Poetry, 2011