• Biography

    George has been writing poetry for all of his adult life. His eclectic repertoire includes poetry, journalism, children’s stories and gospel song writing. George has three published cultured books on the black experience from Africa to Nova Scotia. He has created two dramatic readings in playwright format based on the biblical account of The Nativity and as well The Crucifixion. George’s poetry has been published in numerous anthologies, periodicals, documentaries, journals, educational texts, historical and cultural books, and a variety of non-specific works. George’s extensive journalism has been printed in both provincial and national newspapers from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. He was first place winner of a national black poetry and runner-up in a national open poetry contest. George had one of his dramatic readings put to music and performed in a two hour concert at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in 1999. George’s long association with WFNS has included Writers in Schools and a Board of Director’s member. He retired from the military at the rank of Captain in 1985 after serving for 32 years throughout Canada and in the Middle East. George continues to add to his creative writing inventory which presently titles more than 400 separate works. See above a collage of pamphlets covering ten different subjects which he completed in 2011. You may learn more about George in Who’s Who in Black Canada, collected by Dawn P. Williams and presented by University of Toronto Press Inc. 2006. Phone: 902-435-5698 Email: gabl@accesswave.ca or c/o Writers Federation of Nova Scotia