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    David A. Wimsett works include poetry, fiction and non-fiction. He examines relationships between people and explores women’s issues in many of his works by placing characters in situations where they expose their nature while moving stories forward. He enjoys creating literary and genre fiction with the belief that good writing is good writing, no matter the form.

    David is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, the Canadian Freelance Guild and the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia on the Writers’ Council.

      Writing for Money Magazine - Shoot - An urban short story. Winner of the 2007/2008 Mangelsdorf Award for Writing Excellence.
    • Absent Willow Review - Time and Tide - A science fiction short story shortlisted for their annual anthology
    • Autosphere e-Newsletter -An article with photographs for the newsletter of a company specializing in presented courses on automotive maintenance and repair.
    • Beyond the Shallow Bank - A novel of a woman who overcomes prejudice and harassment to become a magazine illustrator in 1901. She suffers a life changing crisis and travels to a Nova Scotia fishing village to discover who she is and what she truly wants. There, she encounters a woman rumoured to be a selkie, a seal person from Celtic mythology.
    • Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Saga - An epic fantasy novel set in a gender balanced world where women and men have the same rights, opportunities and authority. A man and woman must work together as equals to prevent sorcerers from waking an evil dragon while rival baronies plot civil war.
    • Something on My Mind - a Science fiction novelette set in a world where every person has a device implanted in their brain that instantly connects them to every other person on Earth in a continuous stream. A detective searches for a suspect who has disconnected and finds a conspiracy, but not the one he expects.
    • BoomersForever.com - David's technology column where he discuss his observations on equipment, trends and innovations with commentary on events.
    • eastword - An article and photographs exploring writers' retreats where participants and interact with others of simply spend time with themselves to work, contemplate or decompress.
    • The Grapevine - An article and photographs about a business named Valley Vixen that is a resource for the LGBT community individuals can discuss issues openly and receive support.
    • Cape Split Press Blog - David A. Wimsett's blog where he discusses the art and craft of writing along with women's issues and other social concerns.
    • Half Awakened Dreams: Volume I of the Carandir Saga -The sequel to Dragons Unremembered set in a gender balance world. The characters must pursue a great evil while coming to terms with maturing relationships.
    • The Sunday Edition - An article on discrimination experienced by older workers in the high tech industries in which people over 40 find themselves unemployable. This article had several hundred responses from people who had experienced the same thing.

    {The Grapevine}

    • Mangelsdorf Award 2007/2008 for Writing Excelence

    • "Time and Tide" short listed for the 2009 Absent Willow Review's annual Anthology