• Biography

    "It may take time, but dreams can come true." This speaks to Hui Zhou, a bilingual writer, a freelance interpreter and translator with a long career in natural science. 

    Born, eduated, worked, married, became a mother and a respected senior scientist in her home city Beijing, Hui created her next opportunity to Canada. In the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, she researched in her favorite field-entomology and obtained a Master of Scence Degree, dreamed for a long time, from Saint Mary's University in Halifax.

    Still, Hui explores wider in science, but she never stops writing that had been one of her hobbies for most of her life. Recently she turned writing more into a real career. Thus, one more dream comes true.

    Hui writes in two languages, Mandarin Chinese and English. Her articles about St. Margaret's Bay, winter stories in Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy . . . and many more life stories swarm into multi-medium in Canada and in China.

    She had dreamed of publishing books. In May 2018, her first book, Running Wild with Bossy Boy, was self-designed, self-published on Amazon and locally printed. It tells the real stories about chicken's personalities, or chicken-alities especially to children, but also with adults in mind.

    Now Hui plans for her Essay Collections and other non-fiction books for children.

    Being a member of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia (ATINS), Hui enjoys interpreting and translating for the Justice System and public/community services in/outside of Nova Scotia.

    Gardening, a heritage from Grandpa, remains her favorite pastime.

    Medium Essays

    1. Atlantic Book Today. 2018
    2. The Masthead News. 2017
    3. Sentimental Journey, Nova Scotia-based radio program. 2016 

    4. Dakai (Discovering) Maritime Newspaper. 2015 

    5. China Surveying and Mapping Magazine. Since 2007

    6. China Surveying and Mapping Newspaper. Since 2011
    7. Canada East Coast Chinese Newspaper. 2006-2008
    8. New World Press. 2001
    9. China International Travel Health. 1998
    10. China Shan Xi Province Magazine. 1998
    11. Beijing Evening Newspaper. 1996


    • In English

      Book, Running Wild with Bossy Boy


      Marching at Night

      Mock Ornge Blossom

      Grandpa Santa

      The Golden Autumn at St. Margaret's Bay

      The Six-legged Creatures

      My Gardening Stories in NS

      NS History Brought to My Life: the Halifax Explosion

      From Heritage to Heritage

      Defensive Driving and Defensive Walking

      Harzards from Vector-borne Disease and the Related Effects to Beijing



    In Chinese

    1. Embracing the Bay of Fundy 流连忘返方迪湾

    2. Winter Diversity in Nova Scotia 多彩的冬天

    3. Living with the Apricot Flowers 曾经杏花村

    4. Who Are "Foreigners" - Lao Wai? 谁是”老外“?

    5. Niu Niu's Grandpa Santa 妞妞的圣诞姥爷

    6. Nova Scotia History Brought to My Life: The Halifax Expelosion 走近历史:哈利法克斯港湾大爆炸

    7. The Wildfire at Glen Haven 2006 大火烧到家门时-记2006年格兰嘿文树林大火

    8. Dear Jerusalem Artichoke 你啊”洋姜“

    9. The Golden Autumn at St. Margaret's Bay 金秋圣玛格瑞特海湾

    10. Beyond the Badge of Peking University 多想有枚北大校徽

    11. Sidelights about ErenHot in Inner Mongolia 二连浩特散记

    12. Monk Orange Blossom 太平花开