• Biography

    Lindsey Carmichael never outgrew that stage of childhood when nothing’s more fun than amazing your friends (and correcting your teachers!) with your stockpile of weird and wonderful facts.  Her sense of wonder came in handy during her career as a scientist, and in 2006, she received the Governor General’s Medal for her PhD thesis, Ecological Genetics of Northern Wolves and Arctic Foxes.  Lindsey finds talking about science more fun than doing it, however, and now writes for kids, teens, and occasionally adults (a sense of wonder is essential for this, too).

    Lindsey publishes under the name L. E. Carmichael, and her work has appeared in DigHighlights for Children, and National Geographic Extreme Explorer. Her 21 published science books cover everything from scoliosis to hybrid cars. Fox Talk was a Benjamin Franklin Awards Silver Medalist, and Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild holds the 2014 Lane Anderson Award for exceptional children’s science writing. When not digging up obscure or wacky details for her next nonfiction project, Lindsey’s probably working on her young adult fantasy novel.

    • Forensics in the Real World (2016)

      Forensic scientists study crime scenes, examine evidence, and invent new ways to solve crimes. Forensics in the Real World examines the history of this field, what forensic scientists do today, and what's next for this branch of science.

    • Innovations in Entertainment (2016)

      Innovations in Health (2016)

      Part of the Problem Solved! series from Crabtree, these books highlight cool inventions and encourage kids to solve problems they see around them.

    • Discover Forensic Science (2016)

      Forensic scientists study evidence to figure out who committed a crime. But how do they determine the cause of death? And how do they use trained dogs and devices to track scents? Learn about the latest tools and techniques in use by forensic scientists, and discover how their work helps bring criminals to justice. 

    • The Science Behind Gymnastics (2016)

      Out just in time for Rio 2016, The Science Behind Gymnastics is part of the Science of the Summer Olympics series from Capstone. It covers the biology of training and the physics of popular gymnastics events like trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics, and vaulting. It's also got cool stories about record-breaking Olympic gymnasts from around the world. For ages 8-12, buy it for the junior gymnast in your life!

    • How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution? (2016)

      Part of the What Can We Do About Pollution? series from Lerner's Searchlight imprint, the book covers three major types of pollution produced by agriculture - air, water, and biological. It also talks about some of the strategies farmers use to reduce pollution associated with food production. Ages 8-12.

      A Junior Library Guild Selection!

    • What Are Programs and Apps? (2015) Lerner. Ages 5-7.

      How Do Video Games Work? (2015) Lerner. Ages 5-7.

      Part of the Our Digital World series from Lerner Publishing, these books introduce kids to the inner workings of the technologies they use every day. Ages 5-7.

    • Forensic Science: In Pursuit of Justice (2015)

      Part of the History of Science series, this book explores the origins of forensic science including landmark cases and innovative scientists. Ages 12+

    • Amazing Feats of Civil Engineering (2014)

      Part of the Great Acheivements in Engineering series, Civil Engineering takes a detailed look at three incredible projects - the Panama Canal, the Burj Khalifa, and Canada's own Confederation Bridge. Ages 12+

    • Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild (2014)

      CSI meets Animal Planet in this book about the wildllife side of forensic science. Features Canadian cases and four crime-busing experiments to try at home. Ages 12+

      Winner of the 2014 Lane Anderson Award.

    • Living with Obesity (2014)

      Living with Scoliosis (2014)

      Part of the Living With Health Challenges series for teens (ABDO Publishing), these books are a blend of fictional vingettes, up-to-date medical science, and practical strategies to help teens cope with these conditions.

    • Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication (2013)

      When you talk do a dog, does the dog talk back? Many people think so. But for a long time, scientists didn't know how our furry friends learned to communication with people. Learn about an experiment to understand domestication and communication. For ages 8-12, this book also answers the all important question, "What does the fox say?"

    • Gene Therapy (2013)

      Part of the Medical Marvels series by ABDO Publishing, Gene Therapy covers the history and development of this fascinating science, and the includes the most recent information on the state of the field. Ages 13 and up.

    • The Scientific Method in the Real World (2013)

      Part of the Science in the Real World series by ABDO Publishing, this book anchors the philosophy of science with cool research and concrete, everyday examples. It includes sidebars, primary source excerpts, and questions to help kids engage with the material. For ages 8 and up.

    • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (2013)

      Covers the history of alternative vehicle technology and the breakthroughs that are making it competitive in today's energy environment. Part of the Innovative Technology series from ABDO Publishing, it's for ages 13 and up.

    • Humpback Whale Migration (2012)

      Locust Migration (2012)

      Wildebeest Migration (2012)

      Zebra Migration (2012)

      Part of the Animal Migration series by The Child's World, these books discuss the life cycle and migration patterns of each species. For ages 6-9.

    • 2015 Gelett Burgess Honour (for Fox Talk)

      Winner, 2014 Lane Anderson Award (for Fuzzy Forensics)

      Silver, 2014 IndieFab Awards (for Fuzzy Forensics)

      Finalist, 2014 USA Best Book Awards (for Fuzzy Forensics)

      Silver medal, 2014 Benjamin Franklin Awards (for Fox Talk)

      Finalist, 2013 USA Best Book Awards (for Fox Talk)