• Biography

    "Keen unsparing observation expressed in palpable shimmering prose." - Jim Bartley, Globe and Mail
    "Zettell has a passion for careful, sensuous detail. While reading the title story (Holy Days of Obligation), I held my breath." - Frances Itani
    "Zettell writes with skill and understated grace, depicting the many surprises, illuminations and losses of daily life." - Virginia Beaton, Chronicle Herald
    "As is the case with great art, [her stories] touch the reader unexpectedly, reaching toward the deep centre of the human heart." - Alistair MacLeod

    Author of the "compelling" novel The Checkout Girl, two collections of award winning short stories, and with works included in anthologies and collections, Susan Zettell's novel-in-progress is titled The Lazarus Maple. Born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, and after having lived in Cambridge, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa and Whitehorse, Susan and her husband Andy Watt have made their home along the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.



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    • Anthologies
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    • Editorial Work
      • One of the Chosen, Danuta Gleed, Editors: Frances Itani & Susan Zettell. BuschekBooks, Ottawa, 1997. ISBN 096999043X.

    • Shortlisted for the Upper Canada Bewing Company Writers' Craft Award, 2000; 'Night Watch'

    • Shortlisted for the City of Ottawa Book Award (Fiction), 2000; 'Night Watch'