• Biography

    Jon Tattrie is a freelance journalist and writer based in Halifax, Canada. He works for CBC.ca, Metro Canada, The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax Magazine and Progress magazine, among others. He's a board member of the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia and regularly speaks at universities, colleges and schools on journalism and writing.

    The day after graduating from Dalhousie University in 1999, Jon got on a plane for Europe, where he spent the next seven years writing and exploring. He worked for the Edinburgh Evening News and the Scotsman and returned to Halifax in 2006 to take a position on the Halifax Daily News. That worked out well until the paper closed on his birthday in February 2008.

    Since then, his freelancing career has seen him sweating in a Mi'kmaq lodge, exploring a nuclear bunker, sailing a tall ship and spending Christmas at the Airport. When he's not writing, he's often kayaking, hiking or teaching the martial art Choi Kwang Do.



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