• Biography

    Darcy Rhyno writes fiction, non-fiction and plays. His NEW fantasy novel for upper elementary readers "The Underworld Magician" is due to be published in fall, 2014.

    He is the author most recently of the pre-teen fantasy novel set in 1950's Halifax called THE UNDERWORLD MAGICIAN. He's also the author of the YA novel MONSTERS OF SUBURBIA, which is a realism adventure story with themes of bullying, isolation, estrangement and myth. This novel is suitable for junior high readers. He has also published two collections of short stories, CONDUCTOR OF WAVES and HOLIDAYS. He has a column with Saltscapes magazine called Roots and Folks and writes for the website www.lifeasahuman.com. He is an award-winning travel writer and a member of the Travel Media Association of Canada who has published hundreds of articles with Saltscapes, Canadian Geographic Travel, BBC Travel and more. His play Snowbirds, a comedy set at Christmas, has been produced twice in Nova Scotia.  

    Conductor of Waves is a collection of 12 stories set in a fictional Nova Scotia fishing community. The Globe and Mail called it "a strikingly accomplished collection." His first novel for children placed second in the Atlantic Writing Competition. As a columnist for Saltscapes magazine, Darcy writes the back page for each issue, prepares feature articles and writes for special publications about travel, food and other topics. He writes for other magazines and newspapers as well. One of the stories in his next collection called Holidays was published in The Vagrant Revue of New Fiction, an anthology of work by the most promising writers in Atlantic Canada.

    For most of his career, Darcy has worked in education and with children. A teacher and arts worker by profession, he has worked with many schools and teachers across the province, as well as with artists from all genres. He is also a part time instructor in the graduate program of the Faculty of Education at Mount St. Vincent University and the part time General Manager of the Osprey Arts Centre in Shelburne. His readings and workshops are always engaging, informative and entertaining. See his website at www.darcyrhyno.com


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    • Movie Reviewer and Arts Contributor for The Coast Guard, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Sept. 2001-2007.

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    • "The End," a radio play for CBC Radio, October 2003.

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    • Host, CBC Radio's Friday Nights With Outfront, July 26 and August 30, 2002.

    • "Carving a Place for Myself" on CBC Radio's Outfront, December 18, 2001.

    • Quarterfinalist (top 100 of 10,000 entries) in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest in the Young Adult category for "Monsters of Suburbia"

      Second Prize: 2006 Atlantic Writing Competition for Underworld, a novel for children.

    • Finalist: Writers' Union of Canada 2004 Postcard Story Contest for "World Champion."

    • Third Prize: 2003 South Shore Literary Club, Short Story category for "Magnet."

    • First Prize: 1997 South Shore Festival of the Arts Short Story Contest for "Naked."

    • First Prize: Halifax Herald Short Story Contest for "Ragged Islands Burning."