• Biography

    Burnt like toast from a freelance writing career, Anna Quon faced the fact that she had always wanted to be a novelist and poet. She thought if she sat at her computer and wrote several hundred words a day she'd get there eventually... and she did. The first pages of her first draft took her to the beautiful St. Petersburg on a small scholarship from the Summer Literary Seminars Russia, which in turn encouraged her to keep writing. She finished a first draft in 2007 and her novel Migration Songs (ISBN 978-0-9782185-6-0) was released by Invisible Publishing in Fall, 2009.

    Before she decided to call herself a writer, Anna held a number of different jobs, including day care teacher, administrative assistant, fundraiser/ outreach coordinator for a shelter for victims of family violence, volunteer coordinator of a disability organization, retail sales clerk and communications assistant for a provincial not-for-profit. She hopes the job title of novelist and poet will stick longer than any of them.

    Anna has self-published two chapbooks of poetry, Poems for 4 Seasons (ISBN 0-9737263-0-X) and Half Empty (ISBN 0-9737263-1-8), and three poetry zines. For more samples of her writing check out her blog, https://annaquon.wordpress.com/