• Biography

    Joanne Merriam is a Nova Scotian writer who lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband. She is the Publisher of Upper Rubber Boot Books, a small press which specializes in literary and speculative writing, with a special focus on poetry and short story collections.

    A former staff member of WFNS (1997-2001), she used to write a regular column for WFNS' Eastword called "Caught in the Web."

    Her poetry has appeared in Third Wednesday, Stride Magazine, Four and Twenty, Alba, The Amethyst Review, andwerve, The Antigonish Review, Asimov's Science Fiction, Astropoetica, Big Toe Review, Canadian Literature, ChiZine, Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, Contemporary Verse 2, Coyote Wild, Dandelion, Event, Feux chalins, The Fiddlehead, flashquake, Grain, Litwit Review, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Maquette Magazine, Orbis Quarterly international, Pottersfield Portfolio, Prairie Journal, Prosodia, Riddle Fence, Room of One's Own, Quarry, Stand Magazine, Strange Horizons, Ultraverse, Umbrella, and Vallum Contemporary Poetry, as well as the anthologies The Allotment: New Lyric Poets, Best of Strange Horizons 2, Ice: new writing on hockey, Reactions 4, and To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax, as well as in her book, The Glaze from Breaking.

    Her prose has appeared in 55 word stories, Dawn Sky, The Fiddlehead, Escape Pod, The Litwit Review, On Spec, Pottersfield Portfolio, The Raging Face, Southern Gothic, Stirring and Strange Horizons.

    • The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom. Joanne Merriam, ed. Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2016.

    • Choose Wisely: 35 Women Up To No Good. H. L. Nelson and Joanne Merriam, eds. Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2015.

    • How to Live on Other Planets: A Handbook for Aspiring AliensJoanne Merriam, ed. Upper Rubber Boot Books, 2015.

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    • “Auto Biographies,” Winner of the July 2012 Goodreads Poetry Contest, 30 June 2012.

    • 2008 Readers' Awards for Best Poem, 1st Place, "Deaths on Other Planets," New York, NY: Asimov’s Science Fiction. Vol. 32, Nos. 4 & 5 (Whole Nos. 387 & 388), April/May 2008, p.237. ISSN 1065-2698. 

    • 2007 Recommended Reading List for Not if You Were The Last Short Story on Earth, "Harvest," Strange Horizons, 26 March 2007.

    • 2005 Reader's Choice Awards for Poetry, 1st Place, "The Rainy Season," Strange Horizons, 21 March 2005.

    • 2004 Reader's Choice Awards for Fiction, 3rd Place, "Walking Hibernation," Strange Horizons, 4 October 2004.

    • 1999 second place winner, Falcon Short Story Contest for "First Impressions," Halifax, 1999.