Come to a meeting of the Creatively Speaking Toastmasters Halifax club at WFNS in Halifax. This club welcomes writers of all sorts, as well as creative people from the community. We’re all working to improve our presentation and public speaking skills: delivering a beautiful reading of a piece of written work, making a successful pitch, or doing a presentation. We’re learning to chair meetings, provide feedback and evaluation, and respond to unexpected questions. Like you, we want to sound good when we speak, as well as when we write. Anyone is welcome at any meeting as our guest: no charge, we won’t make you talk, we’re friendly, and it’s fun! Members pursue their own goals, work at their own pace and never have to worry about harsh criticism or failure. If you join, you have access to all the wonderful resources of Toastmasters International. Membership in a Toastmasters club requires just a few hours a month, a determination to improve and minimal expense. WFNS members receive a first time 10% discount on club fees. The Creatively Speaking Toastmasters Club is supported by Toastmasters International and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.

We’re in downtown Halifax near the waterfront: 1113 Marginal Rd. Enter through the WFNS door, next door to Tomavinos Pizzeria and across from the NSCAD Port Campus.
Monday, June 24, 2019 - 6:30pm
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Email: Phone: Heather Drope-Marchione at 902-440-5032 Facebook page: