Submitted by Annick on
Friday, December 11, 2015 - 2:12pm

Time is running out to submit your manuscript to this year’s Atlantic Writing Competition! The deadline for the AWC is 11:59 PM AST on Thursday, January 7th. We understand that some of you may have last-minute questions about entering. However, our office will be closed from 11 AM on December 18th and will reopen at 9 AM on Monday, January 4th. Even if you aren't ready to submit, we ask that you please read over our submission criteria and the guidelines. We will not be checking email or phone messages during the closure, and we cannot guarantee we will be able to respond to everyone in time if you wait to ask any later than the 16th of December.

Email questions will get a faster response than phone calls in general. Please email any queries to, or you can call 902-423-8116. 

That said, here are a few frequently asked questions that we have received over the past few weeks: 

Q: If I am submitting an adult or a young adult novel, where do I include my query letter?
A: Please include your query letter as the first page of your manuscript. Ensure there is no personally identifiable information in the query letter. Any biographical information should be in your cover letter, which is a separate document.

Q: Will I receive confirmation that my entry was received?
A: Due to the volume of entries we receive, no confirmation will be sent. Entries will be compared against our financial transactions. If we have an entry fee and no corresponding documents, we will contact you. We monitor our spam folder carefully to ensure that entries are not accidentally deleted. In addition, we will inform you if your entry has been deemed ineligible and removed from the competition. No news is good news! Please do not contact the office to ask about the status of your entry at any time during the competition. 

Q: I made a mistake! Can I send a new file?
A: For logistical and tracking reasons, we are unable to accept replacement documents.  Unless we request a new document, the first document submitted will be the one that is entered into the competition. Please ensure your document is correct and complete before submitting. Have a friend look it over for you! 

Q: I do not have PayPal/am not comfortable using PayPal. How do I pay my entry fee?
A: We are happy to accept payment via cheque. Please ensure the entry fee is postmarked no later than January 7th. Then please email your cover letter and manuscript document to and indicate that a cheque is on the way. Name your manuscript using this file name convention: JaneDoe_MyBook_Novel.pdf/doc/docx. Name your cover letter using this convention: JaneDoe_Novel_coverletter.pdf/doc/docx. Please do not name your files generic things such as 'cover letter' or 'manuscript.' The only additional process required is to declare the following in your cover letter:

  • I have lived in Atlantic Canada since 1 September 2015
  • I have not been published in the category entered. (See guidelines for what constitutes "published") 
  • I acknowledge that if my entry is deemed incomplete or ineligible, that my entry fee will not be refunded. 

Good luck to all!