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Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - 11:49am

WFNS is pleased to announce the finalists of the 2014 Atlantic Writing Competition (AWC).  Below is the full list of titles that made it to the final round in each category.  Congratulations to those that have made it to the final round in judging!

We are honoured to have received every entry to the competition.  It is because of the bravery of every writer who enters that the AWC has such an inspiring tradition of support for emerging writers in our region.

Thank you to everyone who submitted.

The winners of the Atlantic Writing Competition will read at 11 AM on September 21st, 2014 at Word on the Street in Halifax. 

Poetry Prize
Mary Ellen Sullivan, Visits
Shannon Webb-Campbell, Modern Astronomy
Isabel Blackmore, Poetry
Whitney Moran, Illusions
Shelley Thompson, Ada

H.R. (Bill) Percy Novel Prize
Mary Pike, Foreign Soul
Ryan Blades, Apotheosis
Dorothy Redfurn, Death at the District Meeting

Budge Wilson Short Story Prize
Marlene Stanton, Jamie’s Angle
Mark Palermo, Oceans
Brittany Kraus, Murmurs
Dave Johnson, The Smile

Creative Non-Fiction Prize
Glenna Jenkins, Digging for Bones
Aaron Williams, The Old Van and the Sea
Anya Zub, Chalk and Cheese
Anna Taylor, Shift

Joyce Barkhouse Writing for Children Prize
Jim Sutherland, The House the Captain Built
Eric Hansen, USS Maytag
Betty Campbell, Peppi the Puffling
Clare O’Connor, Skateboard Sibby

Young Adult Novel Prize
Melissa McAdam, JJ
Nayani Jensen, Minstrel’s Song
Noah Hollis, Venturing North
Marilyn Lohnes, Rarity


The Atlantic Writing Competition (AWC) was established in 1975 under the auspices of the Nova Scotia Branch of the Canadian Authors' Association and has been administered by the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia since 1976.

Emerging writers throughout Atlantic Canada may submit literary work in seven categories: creative non-fiction, novel, drama, poetry, short story, writing for children, and young adult novel. Established writers are also eligible but may only enter a prize category that is new to them.

All entrants receive written comments on their manuscripts. Manuscripts are evaluated for their originality, creativity, and quality of writing, and comments may appraise a wide range of literary techniques as well as matters such as structure and plot.