Submissions for 2019 will open on November 1, 2019

with a submission deadline of January 3, 2020.


We accept entries from permanent residents of Nova Scotia only. See the guidelines for more details on resident eligibility criteria. 

If you are a resident of another Atlantic province, please see your provincial competitions:

The Nova Writes Competition for Unpublished Manuscripts supports the development of writers unpublished in the writing category they enter in the program. Emerging writers throughout Nova Scotia may submit work in five categories: short form creative non-fiction, poetry, short story, writing for children/young adult novel, and French language (short form poetry or prose). Established writers are also eligible but may only enter a category of writing that is new to them. Previous winners of Nova Writes may no longer contend in the category in which they won their prize. 

All entrants receive written comments on their manuscripts. Manuscripts are evaluated for their originality, creativity, and quality of writing, and comments may appraise a wide range of literary techniques as well as matters such as structure and plot.

Submissions will be accepted starting November 1, 2019. Complete submissions must be submitted to the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia no later than January 3, 2020. Please note that all submissions must be digital. If you are not technically adept, please seek assistance from a friend or family member or your local library branch. 

Please note that your receipt (either for your cheque or your PayPal transaction) is confirmation that your entry was received. We are also able to process credit cards over the phone. Please call the office at 902-423-8116 to arrange a credit card payment. 

If you do not receive a receipt, please do contact us. Otherwise, no news is good news! If you do not hear from us, you can assume your entry has been accepted. Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to send out personalized messages indicating your submission was received. Please do not contact the office seeking this confirmation.



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