The Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award was established in 1991 with an endowment by Thomas Head Raddall himself, and it continues with ongoing support from the Raddall family. The award honours the work of fiction writers in the Atlantic region and, as its original benefactor envisioned, provides “the gift of time and peace of mind” so essential to the creation of new work.

One prize ($25,000) is awarded each year for a novel or a book of short fiction that was written by a full-time resident of Atlantic Canada and published and/or distributed for the first time in Canada in the year prior to the submission deadline. A writer may win the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award a maximum of three times. YA titles are ineligible for this award and should be submitted to the Ann Connor Brimer Award. See Submission Guidelines for details.


Raddall Fiction medallion

Past Recipients

2019: Lisa Moore, Something for Everyone (House of Anansi Press) | Finalists: Sharon Bala, The Boat People (McClelland & Stewart); Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Hysteria (HarperCollins)

Jury: Ian Colford; Gwen Davies; Sarah Faber

Jury's citation: "The stories in Lisa Moore’s collection, Something for Everyone, pulsate with raw energy and a fierce, searching intelligence. In a series of unconventional tales that explode off the page, Moore ushers her reader into a familiar but fractured and anything-but-straightforward reality. Lisa Moore writes of quotidian lives in crisis. Her characters’ anxieties mirror our own: family, love, employment, finances. But from these commonplace lives she conjures spellbinding mini-dramas, drawing us in from each story’s opening line, generating great suspense and fully engaging our sympathies. Throughout, the writing is vibrant, uninhibited and packed with sensual detail. Moore acknowledges the beauty of nature and the human capacity for kindness; she is no stranger to the essential comedy of the human condition. But never does she shy away from the dark undercurrents of her characters’ lives. Something for Everyone is an important book by a major talent working at the height of her considerable powers, an author who isn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries of her art and who pursues her singular aesthetic vision in an uncompromising and wildly entertaining manner."


2018: Oisin Curran, Blood Fable (Book*hug) | Finalists: Carol Bruneau, A Bird on Every Tree (Vagrant Press); Sarah Faber, All is Beauty Now (McClelland & Stewart)


2017: Donna Morrissey, The Fortunate Brother (Viking) | Finalists: Darren Greer, Advocate (Cormorant Books); Ami McKay, The Witches of New York (Knopf)


2016: R.W. Gray, Entropic (NeWest Press) | Finalists: Elisabeth de Mariaffi, The Devil You Know (HarperCollins); Mark Anthony Jarman, Knife Party at the Hotel Europa (Goose Lane)


2015: Darren Greer, Just Beneath My Skin (Cormorant Books) | Finalists: David Adams Richards, Crimes Against My Brother (Doubleday); Michael Crummey, Sweetland (Doubleday)


2014: William Kowalski, The Hundred Hearts (Dundurn) | Finalists: Shashi Bhat, The Family Took Shape (Cormorant Books); Ed Kavanagh, Strays (Killick Press)


2013: Russell Wangersky, Whirl Away: Stories (Thomas Allen Publishers) | This year saw the prize increased from $20,000 to $25,000| Finalists: Keir Lowther, Dirty Bird (Tightrope Books); Donna Morrissey, The Deception of Livvy Higgs (Viking)

2012: David Adams Richards, Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul (Doubleday) | Finalists: Valerie Compton, Tide Road (Goose Lane Editions); Heather Jessup, The Lightning Field (Gaspereau Press)

2011: Kathleen Winter, Annabel (House of Anansi Press) | Finalists: Alexander MacLeod, Light Lifting (Biblioasis); Beth Powning, The Sea Captain’s Wife (Random House)

2010: Shandi Mitchell, Under This Unbroken Sky (Penguin) | Finalists: Michael Crummey, Galore (Doubleday); Linden MacIntyre, The Bishop’s Man (Random House)

2009: Douglas Arthur Brown, Quintet (Key Porter Books) | Finalists: Ian Colford, Evidence (Porcupine’s Quill); Sara Tilley, Skin Room (Pedlar)

2008: Don Hannah, Ragged Islands (Knopf) | Finalists: David Adams Richards, The Lost Highway (Doubleday); Bernice Morgan, Cloud of Bone (Knopf)

2007: Linda Little, Scotch River (Penguin) | Finalists: Wayne Johnston, The Custodian of Paradise (Knopf); Ami McKay, The Birth House (Knopf)

2006: Donna Morrissey, Sylvanus Now (Penguin) | Finalists: George Elliott Clarke, George and Rue (HarperCollins); Lisa Moore, Alligator (House of Anansi Press)

2005: Edward Riche, The Nine Planets (Viking) | Finalists: Kelly Cooper, Eyehill (Goose Lane Editions); Michael Winter, The Big Why (House of Anansi)

2004: Kenneth J. Harvey, The Town That Forgot How to Breathe (Raincoast Books) | Finalists: David Adams Richards, River of the Brokenhearted (Doubleday); Leo McKay, Jr., Twenty-Six (McClelland & Stewart)

2003: Donna Morrissey, Downhill Chance (Penguin) | Finalists: Christy Ann Conlin, Heave (Doubleday); Sue Goyette, Lures (HarperCollins)

2002: Michael Crummey, River Thieves (Doubleday) | Finalists: Linda Little, Strong Hollow (Goose Lane Editions); Anne Simpson, Canterbury Beach (Penguin Books)


Carol Bruneau, Purple for Sky (Cormorant Books) (published in the United States as A Purple Thread for Sky by Carroll & Graff) David Adams Richards, Mercy Among the Children (Doubleday) Robert Finley, The Accidental Indies (McGill-Queen's University Press

2001: Carol Bruneau, Purple for Sky (Cormorant Books), published in the United States as A Purple Thread for Sky (Carroll & Graff) | Finalists: David Adams Richards, Mercy Among the Children (Doubleday); Robert Finley, The Accidental Indies (McGill-Queen's University Press)


Alistair MacLeod, No Great Mischief (McClelland & Stewart) Carmelita McGrath, Stranger Things Have Happened (Creative Book Publishing) Donna Morrissey, Kit's Law (Penguin)

2000: Alistair MacLeod, No Great Mischief (McClelland & Stewart) | Finalists: Carmelita McGrath, Stranger Things Have Happened (Creative Book Publishing); Donna Morrissey, Kit's Law (Penguin)


Wayne Johnston, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams (Knopf) David Adams Richards, The Bay of Love and Sorrows (McClelland & Stewart) Lynn Coady, Strange Heaven (Goose Lane Editions) Don Hannah, The Wise and Foolish Virgins (Knopf)

1999: Wayne Johnston, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams (Knopf) | This was the first year in which finalists for the Thomas Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize were announced. Finalists: David Adams Richards, The Bay of Love and Sorrows (McClelland & Stewart); Lynn Coady, Strange Heaven (Goose Lane Editions); Don Hannah, The Wise and Foolish Virgins (Knopf)


1998: Shree Ghatage, Awake When All the World is Asleep (House of Anansi)


1997: Alfred Silver, Acadia (Ballantine Books)


1996: M. T. Dohaney, A Marriage of Masks (Ragweed Press)

1995: Bernice Morgan, Waiting for Time (Breakwater Books)


1994: David Adams Richards, For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (McClelland & Stewart)


1993: John Steffler, The Afterlife of George Cartwright (McClelland & Stewart)


1992: Herb Curtis, The Last Tasmanian (Goose Lane Editions)


1991: Wayne Johnston, The Divine Ryans (McClelland & Stewart)